Over 30 years of landscaping expertise in Montreal

Would you like to transform your garden or commercial space into a true haven of peace? With CDA Inc. discover a wide range of landscaping services in Montreal, including paver installation, tree planting and sod installation.

Our landscaping experts design spaces that marry natural beauty and functionality, turning your ideas into living realities.

Nos experts en aménagement paysager conçoivent des espaces qui marient beauté naturelle et fonctionnalité, transformant vos idées en réalités vivantes.

Paving stone installation

Uni-stone is a great option for adding character and durability to your driveways, patios or decks.

Here’s what we offer:


Made-to-measure design

Every paver project begins with a consultation to understand your visions and needs. Our team then creates a customized design that harmonizes with the aesthetics of your space.

Site preparation

A good installation starts with proper site preparation. We make sure that the base is solid and level to avoid settling and shifting of the pavers in the future.

High-quality installation

Using first-rate materials, we install the pavers with precision, strictly following the design specifications to ensure an impeccable, long-lasting finish.

A wide range of styles

From rustic to contemporary, we have a vast selection of pavers to suit all tastes and budgets.

Tree planting

Planting trees is an ecological way to beautify your property while contributing to the environment. Our services include :

Diverse choice of trees

We guide you in selecting the trees that best suit your climate and soil, while meeting your aesthetic preferences.

Expert planting

Our specialists take care of everything from site selection to the actual planting, ensuring that each tree has enough space to thrive.

Long-term care tips

We’ll give you advice on how to maintain your trees, keep them healthy and ensure optimum growth for years to come.


years of experience

Turf installation

A beautiful lawn is the foundation of any inviting garden. Our lawn installation services in Montreal and surrounding areas are designed to create a lush, long-lasting green carpet:

Soil analysis

We start by testing your soil to determine the best type of grass to thrive in it.

Site preparation

The soil is carefully prepared, cleared of weeds and levelled. We also add amendments to enrich your soil if necessary.

Choosing turf

Depending on your garden's use, exposure to the sun and personal preferences, we can help you choose between sod or seed.

Professional installation

Our team carefully installs your new lawn, ensuring uniform, healthy growth.

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